Our Customers

Our customers are in widely differing areas where several of them are future industries.

Contract Customers


H. Folke Sandelin AB (HFSAB) is a world leader in the the manufacture of machines and equipment for extrusion of lead to the cable industry.

The cable is used to transfer electricity among countries and to oil platforms.HFSAB sees many other applications in the future for their products.

Examples of our manufacturing are melting boilers that have the capacity from 10 tons of lead up to 60 tons of lead,lifiting equipment and water tanks in stainless steel.


Toyata Material Handling (BT Products) is the world leader in electric trucks.

We manufacture special hand trucks and accessories for the Hand Trucks
Divison. The material is steel that is powder coated or stainless.


Xylem (fomerly IIT Flyygt) has a world leading business within water supply
and sewage.
We manufacture pump stands that are hot-dip galvanized and protective
caps in acid-proof material. For the protective covers we use plasma welding
with robot.


Ewab Engineering worls with automation in the automotive industry.
Ewab has been around for 50 years.
We manufacture component parts for their automation solutions. The
surface treatments are galvanizing, powder painting and anodizing

We also have a number of other innovative customers

We are the one of the leading company in this region

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